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James Place Family BBQ

For the second year in a row, the James Place faculty and families got together for a day of food and fun.  On August 23rd, the center closed early and everyone got together for a potluck style picnic and BBQ.  After eating and hanging out, everyone was treated to a small hike to a waterfall nearby.  Upon their return, otter pops and some playtime were awaiting them.  It was another fun and successful evening for the staff and families.  Even Taz the pony made an appearance!



James Place Visits Community Helpers

The curriculum and theme for the classrooms this summer have been Community Helpers.  The teachers have been putting an emphasis and focus on the types of people that help in the community.  This paved the way for the children to have field trips to both the Fire Station and the Police Station to learn more about have firefighters and policemen and their jobs.  On July 15th, with the help of many parent volunteers, the toddler and preschool classrooms made a trip to the Bellingham Fire Dept. Fire Station on Broadway.  Once there, the firefigthers gave a tour of their facility, displaying their work attire and fire suits.  The children were able to see where the firefighters live and learn about the types of work they do.  The children were even given a chance to sit in the drivers seat of the fire engines!  Needless to say, everyone that went had a blast.

James Place arrives at the Fire Stationaltaltaltaltalt

On August 8th, James Place had another field trip; this time, to the Bellingham Police Station.  Once there, we were graciously greeted by Office Courtney, a specialist in community speaking and outreach.  He talked to us about his job and the importance of police officers and how they serve the community.  He showed the children his equipment and then gave us a small tour of the Police Department facility.  He even showed the children photographs of the different dogs in the K-9 Unit.  Office Courtney ended off the tour in the gated parking lot where he showed us the police cars.  He even put on the siren for us to hear.  The children also had the chance to sit inside the police car as well.  It was another fun, successful and valuable learning experience for those that attended.  So, a big thanks to both the Bellingham Police and Fire Deparments for their help and patience on our visits. 



James' Place Kids Family Picnic



Taz the mini-horseJames' Place children, parents and staff enjoyed an afternoon of      

food, fun and fellowship at the James' Place Family Picnic.                                                                          

The children were introduced to (Raz-Ma-) Taz, a mini horsed owned by the family hosting the event.  altBefore the meal the group hiked to view a waterfall.  The watermelon was perfect and a hit with everyone.  

Kids Eating Watermelon



A Mother's Testimonial

 My adopted son, 'A', is brilliant, charming and highly active.  But he was born addicted to methadone so he aslo has impulse issues.  I have to work to support my family, so 'A' has to be in daycare.

As he grew to be a toddler, 'A' used his intelligence to disrupt his daycare room, enjoying the chaos he created.  He was asked to leave two daycares.  I was looking for another place for him when an acquaintance suggested a new daycare called James' Place.

At first I was put off by its location downtown (later I discovered drop off parking wasn't a problem), but when I reviewed the qualifications of the director and staff, I decided to give James' Place a try.

As days became weeks I saw 'A' becoming more caring, sharing, obedient and trustworthy, all within a patient, loving structured environment.  All the staff helped me to learn better methods of helping 'A' move forward.

Today 'A' is called the James' Place Ambassador, the friendly, happy boy who greets visitors and charms everyone.  Come meet him and see the best daycare in Bellingham. 

Bobbi C.

July 2012



James Place students participate in Muscular Dystrophy Association Hop-A-Thon Program

The preschool class at James' Place Kids spent a major portion of the months of March and April participating in the Muscular Dystrophy Association Hop-A-Thon program. Using curriculum materials provided by MDA the preschoolers at the daycare learned that not all children can run and play as they can.

 Under the guidance of pre-school lead teacher, Anna Lowry, the children used role play in the preschool classroom to practice. sharing the information they had learned.  They then set out to solicit donations.

 Visiting offices and businesses in downtown Bellingham the children raised close to $100 for MDA.  In so doing they also learned about others less fortunate than they, they, learned how to present information concisely and accurately and practiced public speaking.

 In the future the children will be participating in other efforts on behalf of those less fortunate than they. 


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